Draper vs Competitors: What’s the Difference?

People frequently ask me what is the difference between Draper products and other therapeutic products, such as Back on Track and the slightly lesser known, Lux.

My answer of “it’s just better” didn’t satisfy me or them and I needed to find out the science behind what specifically makes Draper different.

Here’s your answer!!!

When it comes to product knowledge for our Competitors Product, I don’t have any more information than you do. Based on what info is on their site, their products are made with a ceramic fiber (Welltex) that works off energy transfer through radiation. This is directly from their site: “Radiation occurs when a source emits radiation, where upon it collides with another surface and heats it. Competitors Product work with radiant warmth, the purpose of which is to avoid trapping the warmth through insulation. This is so that the protection has a respiratory function, while energy in the body tissues increases.”

While I see no mention of anything therapeutic other than ceramic in the Welltex fabric, Celliant is comprised of 13 safe, naturally occurring, thermo-reactive minerals for their unique properties and combined them into a patented and clinically proven formula.

Some of the minerals include:

•Titanium Dioxide selected for its photocatalyst (light absorbing) properties

•Silicone Dioxide selected for its energy reflection and absorption properties

•Aluminum Oxide selected for its ability to increase reflectivity

Also, products containing Celliant are clinically proven to enhance tissue oxygen levels (hence the bit about speeding up muscle recovery). This natural, biological process improves circulation resulting in an average increase in tissue oxygenation of 7%. The result is that your body uses oxygen more efficiently. Because it’s made of a blend of minerals and not solely ceramic, Celliant acts as a thermoregulator, not only a heat reflector (⭐️that accounts for the wearers being able to stay cooler underneath the garments⭐️).

Celliant is also FDA approved!



Noisy Cricket has taken over the roll of babysitter! She’s been escorting the youngsters around the property. #grownup She’s also been putting out some Grade A work in the ring. We finally have those elusive walk canter transitions! #everydooropened I can die happy now😉

Saving Grace “Gracie” is a lot of fun to ride. No naughtiness at all. She’s barely green broke, doing walk trot with basic steering. So now it’s time for her to be with my smaller working student to walk and trot hills for a couple weeks to build up some muscle before we go back to ring work. Her first time in the big, open hay field and she didn’t put a foot wrong!

Our other riding youngster, Popstar, is blowing me away with his newfound maturity. He’s handling new riders with such profound confidence that it actually leaves me speechless. He’s hacking around the property like a seasoned horse….utterly astounding. He makes me smile ear to ear watching him march ahead of us. He lead the way today! #eagerbeaver He and Gracie will be spending the summer hacking with my two working students. #getoutofthering

Silicon “Sili” is coming along well and I am SO excited about her future. Talk about being made for dressage. The girl can MOVE!

Stay tuned for more updates ✌🏻️

May Clinic 2018

My trainer and mentor came up to teach a clinic. Hallelujah, he’s back!

I gave Izzy this clinic off as I haven’t been riding her more than once a week. She’s not upset 😉 I did, however, sneak in the lovely 4yo (Sir Donnerhall II x Rohdiamant) I’ve been training and his owner was gracious about the last minute addition.

Literally, the best ride I’ve ever had on him. It was definitely a breakthrough ride.

The barn is at a point where it’s looking sharp and running well and every person who visits seems to be extra happy and we all hang out in the barn and chat about how fantastic our rides were and their own personal “ah ha!” moments in their rides.

It was one of the best clinics and such a great feeling to see every person beaming in the barn!

My trainer has such a wonderful view on training and ways to get through and how he sees energy. I cannot recommend him enough.

Permanent Residency

Can we all agree that, speaking strictly weather, March was awful! That darn groundhog was correct and had the right idea of going back into his hole.

The beginning of April really wasn’t much better but the world keeps turning and life waits for no one.

That being said….

Kennedy Dressage has an announcement! We have some really big and wonderful things happening this year!!

First of all, Final Decision Farm will officially be our permanent residence for training and sales!!! Woohoo! This gorgeous facility is our horses home for good!💫

As a trainer it’s very important to find a place to grow deep roots. Lots of times we bounce around looking for the right set up. It can be extremely stressful not knowing how long you’ll be in one place. Add it to the list of reasons I am so grateful to be here at Final Decision Farm.

I am over the moon excited. there will be a lot of updates, time consuming updates, but you are going to LOVE it when it’s done.

A sneak preview of my current project in the main barn


The main barn is one of a kind, designed by the owners. The fresh espresso paint and gold finials make me feel calm, warm and peaceful, which is exactly how I want the atmosphere here.

It’s a lot of work and taking extra time because, let’s face it, my life is busy! So I de-dust, de-rust, and paint when I can.

Secondly, this means that, when I am satisfied with the progress I’ve made, the main barn will be available for me to put clients in! Well, their horses….the owners don’t get stalls😉

Some other fantastic updates are opening another tackroom in the main barn that will be KD specific. I’m stoked! The room is nothing short of perfect. Window, desk, space, maybe we will put in a couch! The possibilities are endless. #littlekidinacandystoreexcited

I hope everyone is ready because I’ve got plans. Big, spacious, beautiful, eventful plans. 💛

Silence is Golden

With so much turmoil in the world of social media, a lot of us are losing patience for the sharing of absurd memes, people who choose to comment on a comment, or make the post about themselves. High school kids are joining forces and demanding change. Some people are doing homework for the rest of us and finding out if a post is credible or full of crap.

Change is happening and it’s amazing to watch.

The horse world is starting to draw out the peace makers and put a stop to online bullying. Someone (Commenter 8, we will call them) had to tried to criticize and “educate” (😂) another commenter (Commenter 1).

Can you believe that 8 was in disagreement with 1’s feeling compassion towards a scared rider? I know! Craziness.

The line “people need to toughen up” needs to hit the road. Not everyone is built like a refrigerator and can handle a bad fall and bounce right back, physically or mentally. Everyone is different and we really need to be open to changing our initial reactions to things that we might not agree with.

News flash: It’s OK to not want to get hurt. Technically horseback riding is an elitist sport but what about the people who want to casually trail ride? That surely isn’t elitist and we don’t expect them to ride the way professionals do. Risk is what we take when we mount up, everyone knows. However, not feeling sympathy for a terrified rider and/or horse, perhaps you are the one not belonging in this changing atmosphere of horses.

Trust and believe this world is changing course and we are losing patience with those who can’t keep their mouths shut if they have nothing nice to say.

Maybe we should all try to meditate for 5 minutes a day and see how it feels to simply be quiet.

Remember, folks, silence is golden.

Noisy Cricket💛

2018. New saddle (Custom Saddlery, sing ‘hallelujah’) new girth, new quarter sheet (Draper), new polos (Draper), new bell boots.

New, new, new, new, new!

Most things have been upgraded. She deserves it. Iz tries so damn hard for me and she KNOWS she melts my little, shriveled heart when she nickers at me.

Cordelia is growing every other day. Some days she looks like Quasimodo and can’t seem to get her heavy legs off the ground with a neck stuck deep in her shoulder while other days she looks like the perfect, super athletic sport horse.

Popstar is really coming along. He used to run away from people, not exaggerating. Now he runs towards them, under saddle, with me. This week, we decided that CLEARLY he is properly socialized and we can back off the reward system of approaching strangers and friends😂 Walk, trot, canter, he quickly learned each lead. “NBD”, he said. Onward we go🏎

Farouche is still a pleasure to sit on and is now at a point where she can teach her mom. Always, always this horse puts out a good effort.

Pele had his first (first with us, not sure about lifetime) chiro and acupunture work up. He was a champ and looks like it was the right choice, as he zooms around with his mom. 🙄#halfhaltsaremeresuggestions

I think we are almost ready for show season.

January 2018

What a month. Can we all agree that the end of December and beginning of January was flippin miserable with the daily subzero temperatures?

The rest of the month was super. Horses back in work, and working well…..except Izzy.

Izzy has had about a month off bc of the weather and her saddle no longer fits. She looks like a brood mare. I’ve cut her grain, of course, but even in the dead of winter there is still grass in the field. Not only has the grass not gone into hiding but it is now COMING BACK. You heard me. Fields are turning green and I’ve cut grain on 4 horses so far.

It’s insane. Not even close to spring and here I am, waiting for Izzy’s new grazing muzzle to arrive 🙄

On a positive note, her new saddle arrived today! *break it down* 💃🏼

Once we have the saddle adjusted to her….voluptuous…. shape, we will be back in business and ready for the year!